About Android Course

Android is now the world's bestselling mobile platform, and its nonrestrictive policies and the use of Java as the core application language makes Android an ideal choice for developing internal corporate mobile applications. However, the API is large, complex, and sometimes difficult to get started with. This course gives a practical, hands-on introduction to developing Android applications.

Course Objective
  • UnderstandAndroid fundamentals and architecture
  • Build and deploy Android applications
  • Use different IDEs namely, Eclipse, or IntelliJ Studio for application development
  • Exploring Android development tools for real time debugging and testing applications
  • Apply Java Fundamentals for Android Application Development
  • Activate different intents, activities and classes
  • Work on Android broadcast receivers and services
  • Utilize different inbuilt APIs to perform operation like accessing map using Google Web service
  • Use various application building blocks such as databases, communication, date and time.
  • Build applications based on the concepts learned in the training.